William Hess Jr.

Email hess.sk8@gmail.com

Pairs, Figures, Dance, Freestyle, Beginner Classes

Bill, it could be said, was born with wheels on his feet. Coming from a skating family with parents who were themselves skaters and coaches, Bill spent his young years at their Roseburg, OR rink learning skating technique and rink operation. He has enjoyed great success regionally in figures, team dance, pairs, free style, and just last season in his debut solo dance event. Bill has enjoyed national success as a bronze medalist in Sophomore Men’s Figures. Bill is also a judge and referee and is always willing to give of his time and expertise in helping at meets and test centers. Bill skates team dance with his wife Abbi, and the couple have a two year old son, Xander, who loves to skate just like his mom and dad. Bill also has a twelve year old daughter, Jordan, who is a competitive skater and is one of the skating club’s outstanding young boosters.