Susan Richardson


Figures and Dance

Susan is one of The Oaks most well known and respected coaches.  She has been involved in the sport for sixty five years.  As a child Susan’s family drove in from Tillamook, OR to skate at The Imperial in Portland and later she became a very successful and celebrated skater at The Oaks.  Susan and her partner were crowned the national Juvenile Pairs champions in 1953, and she had many local successes in all of the artistic skating disciplines and as a speed skater as well.  She has been a coach at the Oaks since 1978 and has coached her students to many national placements and titles, and to their Gold Medal proficiency test awards in American dance, international dance and figures.  Susan is also the current Northwest USARS President, has been a judge at the National Championships on multiple occasions, and holds a world level judging commission. Susan’s daughter Tiffany is also a coach at the Oaks and her two granddaughters, two step grandsons, and son in law are all competitive skaters.  If Susan has one love that rivals her love for skating it would be Disney.  She and her husband Gary travel extensively and frequently visit Disney parks on their trips.