Oaks Park Skating Club set a new standard of excellence during the 2014-2015 season, earning their first ever high point trophy at the USA Roller Sports National Championships.  This accomplishment is thanks to dedicated coaches and parents, supportive and accommodating rink management, and the hardest working skaters in the U.S.!


Special congratulations to all of our 2015 National Medalists:


First Place:
Makayla Simonelic – Primary Solo Dance
David Hamblin & Annie MacKay – Open Free Dance
David Hamblin & Annie MacKay – Elementary A Team Dance
Annie MacKay – Elementary A Solo Dance
Annie MacKay – Elementary A Creative Solo
Annie MacKay – Elementary International Solo Dance
Annie MacKay Р International Solo/Free Dance Combined
Tiffani Haas – Novice A Women Figures
Alex Chinn – Novice A Men Figures
Kaiti Bennett – Novice B Women Figures
Alex Chinn & Kaiti Bennett – Novice B Team Dance
Bob & Flo Fitzgerald – Masters A Team Dance
Michelle Wilde – Masters A Women Solo Dance
Suzi McElhiney – Veteran A Women Solo Dance


Second Place:
Bobby Hamblin – Primary Boys Singles
Bobby Hamblin & Hannah Bowes – Juvenile A Team Dance
David Hamblin – Elementary A Creative Solo
Scott Foster – Novice B Men Figures
Kyle Davis & Becca Bloechel – Novice B Team Dance
Kaiti Bennett – Novice B Solo Dance
Oaks Park Novice Precision Team – Novice Precision
Dan Whitehouse – Esquire A Men Solo
Reva Hamrick – Esquire B Women Solo


Third Place:
Bobby Hamblin – Primary Boys Figures
Bobby Hamblin – Primary Boys Loops
Bobby Hamblin – Primary Solo Dance
Bobby Hamblin – Primary Boys Figures/Loops Combined
Bill & Abbi Hess – Open Free Dance
David Hamblin/Annie MacKay – Juvenile/Elementary A Pairs
David Hamblin – Elementary A Solo Dance
David Hamblin – Elementary International Solo/Free Dance Combined
Cecilia Welsh – Freshman A Solo Dance
Adelaide Holenstein – Freshman/Sophomore B Women Figures/Loops Combined
Charlie Hamblin & Paula Nguyen – Junior World Class Team Dance
Charlie Hamblin – Junior World Class Men Solo Dance
Michelle Wilde – Premier A Silver Solo Dance
Suzi McElhiney – Veteran A Women Figures