Meet our Coaches

Oaks Park Roller Skating Club is proud to have the nation’s greatest depth of coaching staff with thirteen USA Roller Sports certified coaches and over 200 years of combined teaching experience. Our coaches specialize in figures, loops, team and solo dance in both the American and International styles, freestyle, pairs, free dance and creative dance, precision team, and short track speed skating. Each of our coaches have created champions at the regional and/or national levels. Working as a team lead by head coach George Kolibaba, our coaches are the best value in the US with very affordable lesson rates and high quality instruction. Meet our coaches here!

Suzi McElhiney

George Kolibaba

Susan Richardson

Bill Moore

Cindy White

Tiffany McKinnon

Amy Hamblin

Joan Dreyer

Sharon Behrendt

Robert Behrendt

Bill Hess

Abbi Hess

Derek Meade