Meet Annie MacKay

Skating was part of Annie’s heart and soul even as a baby. Coming from a skating family, she was exposed to the sport from birth… even before birth! Her mother likes to tell the story of how, while still in the womb, Annie would kick in time with the beat of organ music and the family would comment that this little one was a dance skater in the making! Annie was anxious to put on skates as soon as she could walk, and the precocious little girl was rolling by 1 year old. She began competing in tiny tot singles, and pairs with her cousin David Hamblin, when she was just under 2 years old, and added tiny tot figures to her lineup when she was 3.
Annie still competes in a wide range of artistic skating disciplines- figures, loops, freestyle, solo dance, team dance, and pairs. She has been a finalist and/or placement at the National Championships in every type of skating in which she participates. While she loves all of her events, it is dance skating that is her favorite; Annie fell in love with dance skating’s music, movement, and posture at the tender age of 5. One week before her 6th birthday, Annie competed in Primary Solo Dance at her first regional championships, where she placed 5th. From then on, dance and pairs have been her focus and her joy.
The following year, 2010, Annie won the bronze medal in Primary A Solo Dance at her first National Championships, as well as competing in figures, singles and pairs. Her skill continued to grow the next season, and in 2011 she was the Primary Solo Dance National Champion. Also in 2011 she and David, who had continued to skate pairs since toddlerhood, added team dance to their partnership.
In 2012 Annie successfully defended her Primary Solo Dance National Title, and she and David were the Juvenile A Team Dance national champions and Juvenile/Elementary A Pairs bronze medalists. Additionally, she won the bronze medal in Primary Girls Loops that year.
In 2013 Annie repeated her success in a new age bracket, winning the Juvenile A Solo Dance National Title, as well as defending their Juvenile A Team Dance title with her partner. The pair also repeated their bronze medal finish in Juv/Elementary A Pairs.
Annie’s favorite part of skating is the family connection with her mother, younger sister, grandmother, aunt, and 3 cousins who all compete in skating and practice together every day. Annie enjoyed the distinction of being part of the first mother-daughter national champions in 2012 and repeating the accomplishment in 2013. In 2011 and 2013 she shared a special time with her older cousin Charlie, who won his solo dance division in the same night that she earned her titles.
Annie has a sunny, positive, and friendly disposition, and can be found making friends and encouraging other skaters at practices and meets. She has a talent for makeup application, and often helps other skaters, both children and adults, to get glamorous at local contests. She says that her highest honor was when she was nominated for the NW Junior Sportsman of the Year for 2012, and when she won the Oaks Skating Club Sportsmanship Award in 2013. Annie contributes a great deal to costs of her skating by selling over the boot tights via her business “MacTights”, which she started when she was just 9 years old. Outside of skating, Annie is a top student in her accelerated school, ACCESS Academy for Highly Gifted Youth. She loves reading and the only place she likes to be as much as the rink is in her backyard with a good book. Ms. Anne is an experienced traveler and loves taking trips. She also loves the color blue, playing with her little sister Susie, watching PBS dramas and nature programs, and going to her family’s mountain cabin. She is proud to be a “sporty girl”, and is a big fan of the Olympics and her favorite Major League baseball team, the Phillies.