Meet Sarah Wellock

Sarah Wellock put on her first pair of roller skates when she was just two years old. Her grandmother, who was caring for Sarah and her sister Evelyn while their parents were at work, started taking the girls to Oaks Park’s Preschool Play & Skate as a way to let them burn off some of their youthful energy. At first Sarah, who has always loved to dance, was mainly interested in playing with the balls and dancing with Chipper the Squirrel. Then older sister Evelyn participated in the Regional Championship Tiny Tot Showcase. At the showcase Sarah saw all the sparkles, costumes, and makeup, and decide she wanted to be a skater too. After her sister started school, Sarah’s grandma continued to bring Sarah to Preschool Skate and she began to take lessons of her own from class teacher Amy Hamblin.
Sarah passed her first RSA proficiency test, Figure Test #1, in 2013, and participated in her first competition at the 2013 Auburn Spring Invitational, skating figures and stroking. Sarah was the youngest member of the Oaks Park Junior Precision Team last season, and was over the moon when the team qualified for the 2013 National Championships in Albuquerque, NM. She had the time of her life traveling to Nationals and skating with all of her friends. She has also enjoyed performing in the annual Junior Club Show in various group numbers. Skating is Sarah’s only sport and she loves it! It is made all the more special because she gets to share it with her sister.
Sarah is a character. She is funny, dramatic, kind, and loving. She LOVES animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Her favorite is the color purple. When it comes to fashion, the more sparkles the better, but in contrast she loves to get as dirty as possible; no puddle is safe if Sarah is around! She loves to go off-road at the beach with her father’s parents and she loves to be outside. Sarah is a terrific addition to the Oaks Park Skating Club an we are excited to watch the big things this little girl will accomplish!