Derek Meade



Derek grew up at The Oaks and has been a self described “show off” on the floor for the past twenty nine years.  He skated both art and speed skating as a youngster but his passion for speed became his focus as he grew older and he has dedicated himself to both inline and quad speed skating disciplines.  Derek placed second at the National Championships in Classic Men Quads in 1998 where he set the national record in the 1500 meter distance.  In 2009 and 2010 he won the national silver medal in the Master 2 Mix Quad relay and in 2010 won the National Championship in Master Men Quad. Even off skates Derek’s interests involve wheels including biking and classic cars. Derek spends a lot of time cross training to stay in prime condition for the demands of speed skating and he is currently studying to become a certified personal trainer.  Derek’s a single dad to three sons, Dominique, Dante and Devin, all of whom are successful speed competitors and together with their teammate Chance Moyer placed 4th at the 2009 National Indoor Speed Skating Championships in the Freshman 4 Boy Relay.