Cindy White


Figures, Freestyle, American Dance, International Dance, Free Dance, Precision

Accomplishments and Awards
RSA American Team Dance Gold Medal Proficiency Test
RSA International Team Dance Gold Medal Proficiency Test
RSA Circle Figure Gold Medal Proficiency Test
RSA Loop Gold Medal Proficiency Test
RSA Speed Gold Medal Proficiency Test
2009 Northwest Coach of the Year


Roller skating is in Cindy’s DNA as the daughter of two skaters.  She has been involved in roller skating for thirty eight years, and The Oaks has been lucky to be her rink that entire time.  Cindy was a well rounded competitive skater having earned Gold Medal proficiency test awards in speed, figures, American dance, international dance, and loops.  Cindy competed in Junior World Class dance in 1991 and 1992, and in 1991 she was a national finalist in World Class Women’s Figures, placing 8th.  That same year she was named the Pacific Northwest Region Skater of the Year. Cindy is currently the director of the Pacific Northwest Skate Camp, chairperson of the Northwest Teachers Association, and in 2009 was named the Northwest Region Coach of the Year.  Cindy is also the USA Roller Sports regional representative for the Northwest Region’s coaches.  Outside of skating, Cindy is the Treasury the Treasury Analyst for Golden Leaf Holdings.  When she not working, or at the rink Cindy enjoys spending time at her mountain cabin and working in her yard with her husband Jeff.