Oaks Park Skating Club is one of the oldest and most successful competitive roller skating clubs in the U.S., and is dedicated to improving and sustaining the sport of competitive roller skating. With skaters of all ages and abilities in both the artistic and speed disciplines “The Oaks” focuses on helping skaters to accomplish their individual goals, create life long friendships, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Oaks skaters are lucky to train in what is, arguably, the world’s finest roller skating rink, with a flawless 100′X200′ maple floor, the last live Wurlitzer pipe organ to operate in a roller rink in the U.S., lots of natural light, and terrific support from the rink management. At the Oaks you’ll also find the country’s most dedicated and competent coaching staff, group classes for all levels, and an active booster club dedicated to helping skaters with the financial demands of the sport.
Guest skaters and spectators are welcome to come and see for themselves why Oaks Park Skating Club has been called “Skaters Paradise” by so many skaters, and to share in our camaraderie and love of roller skating.

2015-2016 Club Officers

President Michelle Wilde
Artistic Vice President Denise Brem
Speed Vice President Skylor Jernigan
Booster Club President Anna Holenstein
Booster Club Vice President Scott Foster
Secretary/Treasurer Mary Warren
Webmasters Emily MacKay and Mike

Proficiency Tests

Oaks Park Skating Club is a great supporter of the RSA Achievement Test Program. We offer several test centers throughout the course of the season, and skaters from any club are welcome to come and complete their proficiency tests at our rink. Please contact Suzi McElhiney for the date of the next test center, to verify test requirements for B and C divisions, or to volunteer with test administration. Visit the RSA webpage for test requirements and RSA program information.

Oaks Park’s Dance Nite Session

July 18, 2016
5:00 – 7:00 PM
Make sure your dances are Nationals ready!  Priority given to Nationals eliminations. See dance list here.
$6 for 19 & younger
$10 for 20 & older
View this month’s dance list

Regional Results

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